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Our Story

We believe that the rich history and pride of a people can be found in their food. What started as a mutual passion and a chance meeting between two Bajans, sparked a connection that became a business to change the way people connect with our beautiful island of Barbados, its culture and its people.


Start Up

In 2015, Yelluh Meat co-founders and self-confessed foodies, Dwight Forde and Kim Hamblin, met at an entrepreneurship programme. They developed a synergy after being teamed up during those business sessions. The experience sparked an idea from Dwight on realization that there wasn’t anywhere on the island to dine on roasted breadfruit! They would solve that problem by creating a business, which capitalizes on a preparing and serving a local delicacy in an authentic, tantalizing way. Kim was immediately hooked, her response?  “Let’s do something that hasn’t been done before!" The result was the beginnings of Strong Foods.

Who We Are

In line with Barbados establishing itself as the epicurean capital of the Caribbean, Strong Foods embraces the idea of taking what was once considered an inexpensive but nutritious food for enslaved Africans on the island and leveraging it to celebrate the diversity of Barbadian heritage and the richness of its cuisine. This led to the culinary creation of the Breadfruit Bowl and the Yelluh Meat Brand! Yelluh Meat is a street-food ambrosia experience inspired by traditional roasted breadfruit.

Today, the outdoor counter service concept, harnesses the traditional community spirit and activity of roasting breadfruit for a harmonious collective of families, friends and strangers alike to experience heritage in a new light. Yelluh Meat combines the beloved roasted provision with comfort food fillings, using only the highest quality ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. This continues to successfully bring patrons closer to the Bajan cultural experience. The company continues to be driven by its mission to give individuals a taste of authentic Bajan culture through the richness of traditional cuisine.

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