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Restaurant Manager


Job Description

The Restaurant Manager's mission is to increase the revenue and profitability of their unit in order to realise the growth targets required for the company to reach its vision. The RM is responsible for the leadership of one business unit, with between five and 25 employees. He/she ensures that their team is highly engaged to deliver exceptional service to guests. He/she keeps the team updated regarding strategic developments and operational targets, ensuring they have the resources, systems, support, and knowledge to achieve goals. The RM also sets targets, plans budgets, controls operational expenditures, recruits, hires, fires, trains and inspires his/her team, creates and drives marketing campaigns while building strong bridges with the community.


  • Ensures the highest standards for services. Consistently ensures that operations comply with all applicable laws.

  • Develops, monitors and administers individual development plans; hires/fires, trains and promotes to foster professional growth at all levels of the organization.

  • Develops and implements strategies that increase sales and improve business performance. Reports and capitalizes on strategic developments, revenue opportunities, policy and procedural improvements.

  • Oversees marketing and community programs to promote services and facilities to potential and present customers.

  • Negotiates and recommends supplier and partner contracts. Establishes and monitors compliance with purchasing policies and procedures.

  • Analyzes financial statements, manages cash flow, and establishes controls to safeguard funds.

Performance Standards

  • Follows all company policies as outlined in the employee handbook and the Operations Manual.

  • Maintains a positive attendance record by reporting to work for assigned shifts on time; follows company time off and illness procedures, and has a zero percent no call/no show record.  

  • Ensures all health and safety standards are followed by his or her team as set forth by the company; maintains a score of 90% or better on all sanitation and safety audits.

  • Meets all uniform, appearance, and grooming standards as specified in the employee handbook.

  • Maintains our guest service philosophy by following guest service standards; maintains a customer complaint ratio of less than one per 100 customers served during his or her shift.

  • Knows all menu items offered at the restaurant. If asked, accurately answers menu queries in regard to preparation methods, ingredients, portion sizes, and side items accompanying the dishes. If asked, specifies substitutions for items on the menu.

  • Follows ordering procedure standards as outlined in the Operations Manual.

  • Ensures that proper food and beverage controls are in place to maintain an appropriate level of cost of goods; of within 0.5 % of the targeted food and liquor costs of goods.

  • Ensures that proper labour controls are in place to maintain appropriate staffing levels and labour cost percentage; of within 0.5 % of the targeted labour cost.

  • Stays within line-item budgetary goals assigned to this position, following the restaurant annual budget.

  • Implements proper people practices in regard to interviewing, selection, orienting, training, scheduling, and employee relations as found in the Operations Manual.

  • Follows accounting principles and forecasting procedures as outlined in the Operations Manual.

  • Schedules staff following the guidelines outlined in the Operations Manual.

  • Budgets, initiates, and implements restaurant marketing plans yearly with the approval of the MD.

  • Follows the alcohol serving procedures in regard to beverage service standards, awareness standards, and government regulations with 100% accuracy.

  • Handles guest issues in a friendly and timely manner 100% of the time following the steps outlined in the Operations Manual.

  • Implements employee development plans.

  • Leads by example.


  • Degree in Hospitality, Hotel and Catering, Food Sciences or any related discipline.

  • Minimum of three years experience in restaurant operations management. 

  • Experience in a quick service restaurant is highly desirable.

  • Ability to work in fast pace, multi-functional team environment.

  • Must be able to work on shifts, weekends and public holidays.

  • Be able to work in a standing position for long periods of time (up to 5 hours).

  • Be able to reach, bend, stoop and frequently lift a minimum of 35 pounds.

  • Reliable access to transportation is essential.

Success Measures

  • Revenue: Achievement of budgeted net operational sales.

  • Cost of Goods: Achievement of budgeted food cost % of net food sales and beverage cost % of net beverage sales.

  • Labour: Control of Back of House and Front of House labour to maintain appropriate staffing levels and labour cost to a budgeted of % of net operational sales.

  • Sanitation: Maintain a score of 90% or better on all health, sanitation and safety audits.

  • Customer Service: Maintain the customer complaint ratio of less than one per 100 customers served during his or her shift.

  • Hiring: Achieve 90% A players  

  • People Development: Ensure 21 training days/year for supervisory/management staff, eight training days for general staff

  • Competencies: Maintain a competency rating of 7 or above on a 10 scale.

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