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General Assistant


Job Description

General Assistants provide a clean inviting environment to create an exceptional dining experience for all guests by operating and maintaining the dish washing equipment, supplying clean and sanitized equipment to serving and cooking stations, clearing and resetting tables, replenishing condiment stations, maintaining clean dining areas and restrooms. Also perform other duties in the areas of production including operations setup, tear down and preparing firewood.


  • Meeting and exceeding station’s service standards.

  • Pre-Service Duties

  • Cleaning and Maintaining Dining Areas

  • Cleaning and Stocking All Condiment and Drink Stations

  • Cleaning and Maintaining Restrooms

  • Dishwashing Procedures

  • Checking Out

  • Performing Side-work Duties

  • Working as a Team

Performance Standards

  • Follows all company policies as outlined in the Employee Handbook and the “General Policies and Procedures” section of the General Assistant Training Manual.

  • Maintains a positive attendance record by reporting to work for assigned shifts prior to scheduled time, switching and finding replacements for no more than 5% of scheduled shifts, following company time off and illness procedures, and having a 0% no call/no show record.  

  • Follows all sanitation and safety standards set forth by the company; maintains a score of 90% or better on all sanitation and safety audits.

  • Meets all uniform, appearance, and grooming standards as specified in the employee handbook and General Assistant Training Manual.

  • Maintains our customer service philosophy by following customer service standards; maintains a customer complaint ratio of less than 1 per 100 customers served.

  • Maintains our guest service philosophy by following guest service standards; ensures all dishes and utensils leaving the station are spotless 100% of the time.

  • Knows all menu items offered at the restaurant. Accurately explains specials to customers. If asked, accurately answers menu items in regard to preparation method, ingredients, portion size, and side items accompanying the dish. If asked, specifies substitutions for items on menu.

  • Performs side work correctly as specified in the “Side-work Duties” section of the General Assistant Training Manual.

  • Follows all end-of-shift checkout procedures with 100% accuracy as specified in the “End of Shift/Checkout Procedures” section of the General Assistant Training Manual and outlined by the company.

  • Busses, cleans and sanitizes tables following company procedures within 3 minutes of customers leaving their tables.

  • Follows all dish washing procedures following the company standards 100% of the time.

  • Maintains a continuous workflow to ensure clean dishes are available 100% of the time.

  • Maintains a good team environment by assisting other team members with their station duties and side work when there is a need and/or when available.


  • Five CXC passes at General proficiency including English and Mathematics, or equivalent.

  • Must be able to read and communicate in English clearly and effectively.

  • Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds repeatedly throughout the shift.

  • Must demonstrate enthusiasm and commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • Must be able to stand and exert fast-paced mobility for periods of up to 4 hours in length.

  • Must possess manual ability to handle/serve food.

  • Must have a valid food handlers certificate or equivalent.

Success Measures

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